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Eight is Enough

posted Nov 02, 2010 01:34:56 by FastEddie
Do we need to reserve the banquet room next week?
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eric2 said Nov 02, 2010 16:23:41
Why, did Care Bear say something?
FastEddie said Nov 03, 2010 02:07:56
Care Bear said "Ride me hard and put me away wet"

Hometown Buffett prides itself in accommodating parties of 8 or more.

Chris, where are my damn tickets?

- Eddie out
casplund said Nov 05, 2010 15:48:02
The tickets are in the mail.......I have to work at 9:30. Can we go at 8:00-8:15?
eric2 said Nov 05, 2010 19:17:01
What's the grand total? - so I can get the check in the mail...

I'm good with the 8-8:15 window.

Also, can you bring me one of your flash drives so I can give you some new music? I'm bringing my smaller flash drive (2-3 albums! - 260MB) to get you started, but I need my other one back for school/porn.
FastEddie said Nov 06, 2010 04:26:05
I want porn school tickets at 8:15am
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