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Chris - Pink Floyd and Built to Spill...

posted Oct 23, 2010 20:46:34 by eric2
Here are the gap albums that I for sure need: "A Saucerful of Secrets" and "Soundtrack from the Film More." Also, let me know (preferably through this mode of communication, as opposed to your viral email) if you end up getting tickets this week, and Ian and and I will pay you back on the inaugural Tony-breakfast day.
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casplund said Oct 27, 2010 18:02:07
I will not be able to buy tickets until next week. Do you have an external hard drive or memory stick? If you do then just come over to my place after breakfast and transfer files. otherwise I can burn em on cds.
eric2 said Nov 03, 2010 05:37:50
Chris, can I borrow you Nirvana box set, "With the Lights out"? Also, I'm bringing another flash drive with music on it for you.
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